The Ravaging Tornado of Anxiety


As fall rolls in, I am beginning to feel like myself again.

I’m about a month into my routine of therapy and medication. Panic still comes and goes, but not to the crippling level it did before. I am so thankful.

What kept my heart racing before? Oh, anything. Mainly death, the future, the past, family, social situations, church, religion, politics, the news, criticism, the Internet, a sink full of dishes. I’d tell myself to stop worrying so much and my heart would only beat faster. I’d beg my body to shut down at night, but the thoughts would never stop swirling.

If depression is like a fog, then anxiety is like a tightly wound tornado, ravaging everything in its sight.

Anxiety disorders are a nightmare, people. Some of you know what I’m talking about, and I am so sorry that you do. I get it. It took me roughly ten years to get help, and I pray you don’t wait so long.

Why did I wait so long? Because there were so many lies stopping me, lies I had internalized a very long time ago.

My friends, if you are struggling, I want to hear you out. I want to take long breaths with you, and encourage you to call a doctor, even if you think the world might collapse if you do. It won’t, I promise.

There are a things I won’t tell you anymore, too, things I both heard and said to others before, lies that blocked me from getting well for far too long.

I will never tell you to just relax.

I will never tell you that you need to trust God more.

I will never tell you that medicine is a crutch for an underlying problem.

I will never tell you that you are healed after praying for you.

I will never quote Jesus’ words at you–”Do not worry about anything”–as a prescription for your sickness.

I will never tell you that therapy is for the weak.

I will never tell you that therapy or medical intervention should be a short-term solution.

I will never tell you the root of your problem is spiritual.

I will never tell you that medicine dulls your spirit or alters your personality.

I will never make light of your illness.

What about you? Do you relate to the tornado imagery? If so, what were your roadblocks to getting help?


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