We are not supposed to go at it alone

Two nights ago we spent our last night in the dingy little cottage we’d rented for two years. I can call it dingy now because we don’t live there anymore. We had spent the day taking car loads over to the new house. This whole week we’ve been in that weird transition between two homes, those couple of days during a move that feel like a poorly planned camping trip. You don’t know what I’m talking about? That’s probably because you’re more together than me. Anyhow, after a long day of throwing random junk into boxes and hauling it away, … Continue Reading »»

Moving day(s)

We got keys to our new house this morning and spent most of the day packing and hauling our junk over there with the help of family. We also took a break to stand in a circle – holding hands – to pray a blessing over the home and our lives there, because we are wackos. It was a beautiful moment and it left me struck at how very blessed we are. I can’t wait to start chronicling some of my DIY adventures in making this house a home. In the meantime, however, I’d love to share some pictures of … Continue Reading »»

Breastfeeding milestones: The Boobie Awards

Earlier this month, Baby G and I hit our 9 month breastfeeding milestone. I think this is reason to celebrate. I want to note that this post is not to make any non-breastfeeding mamas feel bad. Some mamas very dear to me switched to formula early on after genuinely giving nursing their best shot. They get enough flack from everyone else that it would be wrong for me to dish them up a side of smugness here. With that said though, breastfeeding is a huge part of my story and I want to talk about it here. It was somewhere … Continue Reading »»

Weekend Roundup: Halloween plans, easy pumpkin vase and other stuff

What are your plans this weekend? We are having a “Halloween party” with a dear friend who loves tacky spookiness as much as we do. Our Halloween party tradition usually includes her coming over with a festive dessert in hand, mulled wine, a scary movie and costumes foraged from our closets earlier that day. Our friend is single and young and there’s nothing from stopping her from spending this prime Saturday night out on the town in costume with better looking friends. But she’d rather spend it holed up on the couch with our dorky little family and our dorky … Continue Reading »»

The key to gratitude is in a morning walk

This week I’ve rediscovered the cleansing power of a morning walk. We’ve been having chilly mornings here, foggy and dewy – the perfect conditions to bundle up the baby in the stroller and head out. If I ever find myself ungrateful for what I have, which is quite often, a morning walk keeps me in check. We move next week, and I’m very much looking forward to living in a downtown neighborhood for many reasons. But for a few more days, I am enjoying these rural walks. The smell of eucalyptus trees is stronger in the morning. I remember camping … Continue Reading »»