I am thankful for you

It’s a special Thanksgiving for us.  It’s Baby G’s first one. We are so thankful for her; she is so thankful for turkey.  We had a rough night last night. For some reason she was unsettled and unhappy and needed me to soothe her. Maybe she’s teething, maybe she was extra hungry… who knows. When she woke up at midnight I groggily scooped her up, nursed her and then took her back to her room. But before I put her down, I stood over her crib and held her close. In my arms she was no longer fitful or upset. … Continue Reading »»

Thrift Store Dresser Makeover

I finally finished my dresser project, which means we are no longer pilfering through cardboard boxes to find things to wear.  I picked up this solid oak 1980s American Drew dresser about three weeks ago at the Salvation Army for $100 with plans to give it a facelift. While painting a dresser isn’t a huge undertaking, it took me a long time to complete because it was a “naptime project,” which means I’d sneak in 20 minutes of sanding here and there when I could. The dresser came in a set of two. The second piece is in our garage… … Continue Reading »»

A perfect family memory at Gilroy Gardens

We spent most of this weekend unpacking and organizing stuff in our new house, but on Saturday we did escape to Gilroy Gardens Family Theme Park, which is kind of like a mini Disneyland that just happens to be a four minute drive from our house. There’s no Mickey Mouse or anything, but it’s a beautiful little park with a horticulture theme. There are rides for the kids, gorgeous gardens to stroll through, and classical music piping through speakers around the entire property. It’s a magical little place, and if you live anywhere near the Bay Area, it’s really worth … Continue Reading »»

Weekend Roundup: Crazy cheapskates & stuff

Happy Friday!  A friend posted this video of comedian Michael McInctyre on Facebook and I thought it was pretty funny, mostly because it is so painfully true. I wistfully think back to the days pre-motherhood and how I could leave the house by grabbing my keys and cell phone.  And I don’t even have a toddler, so I have it easy, comparatively: Joe will be home any minute (hooray!) and I can’t wait to kick off the weekend. We are planning on working on the house and taking a trip to Gilroy Gardens.  This week I took advantage of my … Continue Reading »»

Baby nap schedules – consistent but confining?

Today I write to you from Joe’s parents house, where I escaped to for a few days in his absence. Baby G is down for her nap right now, so I’m enjoying a writing by the fireplace, coffee in hand.  Joe’s mom and I are waiting for Baby G to wake up so we can take a trip to the mall. I honestly can’t remember the last time I’ve been to a mall, but I know it was before the baby was born. So I’m pretty excited for our expedition today. But as we’re strategically planning our outing around Baby … Continue Reading »»