2013: My first year of motherhood – highs, lows and in between

For me, reflecting on 2013 is intertwined with reflecting on my first year of motherhood – since my baby girl was born on New Year’s Day and all. If you get sentimental come the end of another year, and around your children’s birthdays, then you might understand how I am feeling today.  Here are a couple highs, lows and in betweens of 2013: Highs  All the firsts – the first smile, the first babble, the first crawl, the first steps.  Low Heading out in a torrential January downpour to see a lactation consultant with a 8-day-old baby in tow who … Continue Reading »»

Baby G’s First Christmas

…Is what we are recovering from today. We had a wonderful time with both sides of our families but I am so glad it’s over. After a whirlwind of Christmas meals, presents, visiting, late nights, traveling and hosting we are basking in the quiet in our own home today. It’s the first day in more than a week that we’ve had to ourselves.  And Baby G’s birthday is in two days, which involves more hosting and visiting – and then the holiday marathon is truly over. I’m keeping things very simple for her family-only birthday party because I’m learning that … Continue Reading »»

To those who are hurting this holiday

If you are hurting this Christmas, I’m sorry. I am sorry for all the merriment around you that doesn’t pause for a moment to ask you how you’re doing. I am sorry for all the holiday cards you’ll get with photoshopped snapshots of beautiful, happy families. I’m sorry for the song you’ll hear 47 times on the radio today, proclaiming this month as the Most Wonderful Time of the Year.  I don’t know your pain and I’m not pretending to. Maybe you’ve been laid off recently, or you’re in a divorce, or you’ve had to say goodbye to a loved … Continue Reading »»

Christmas According to Trader Joe’s

I’ve been writing about serious stuff lately. Here’s a little break, with some festive treats to tempt you to eat, drink and be merry.  Going to Trader Joe’s in December is just as much as of a holiday tradition for me as watching “Home Alone” and eating cranberries from the can. Here’s what I picked up at my annual holiday trip to my favorite grocery store: 1. Candy Cane Green Tea, $1.99 I love this tea all year round, but the store only carries it during the holidays. So I stock up. If your store is out when you get … Continue Reading »»

The ghost of a pre-baby Christmas past

A baby changes everything. Are you tired of hearing that? I don’t often think about how much our life has changed since Baby G came into it. But around the holidays, it’s easy to reach back and think about where you were just one or two years ago.  One year ago, I was past due with the little creature we hadn’t named yet. We called her the Christmas Monster because she was due Dec. 24 and we knew it was because she wanted the holiday to be all about her. Turns out she was more of a Grinch than we … Continue Reading »»