What I’m Into, March 2014 Edition

After all the intensity on the blog last week, I’m happy to have an excuse to talk about books and flowers today via Leigh Kramer’s “What I’m Into” linkup. What I’ve been reading: I’m faithfully making my way through the dozen books I bought at Powell’s Books in Portland at the beginning of the month. (Aside from a 24-hour love affair with a rush order copy of Elizabeth Esther’s Girl at the End of the World. Totally worth it.) Strength for the Journey: A pilgrimage in faith community, Diana Butler Bass. Butler Bass is a deep thinker and great storyteller. I … Continue Reading »»

This is why we are leaving: From Grape Juice to Red Wine Part V

I really don’t like Christians right now. I really don’t want to be called one. I am not sure what that means yet. Wednesday morning I published a post about World Vision’s decision to let legally married gay folks work for them. I wrote about the evangelical backlash to the news – in which Christians came out of the woodworks to curse World Vision for letting the gays drag them to hell – and I encouraged my friends to give them grace. And then World Vision retracted their decision a few hours later, apologizing for their “mistake”. Yes, I still … Continue Reading »»

Loss and Parenting: “Your Princess is in Another Castle”

Hi everyone. I’m working on getting up a response to the latest in the World Vision saga. But for now, I think you’ll enjoy this installment in my series with Loving Marshall about Loss and Parenting. This piece comes from Tamara Bowman from Tamara Like Camera. If you know what grief tastes like – any grief, and I’ll tell you, I’ve been grieving this week for the Church – I think Tamara’s story will speak to you. Enjoy.   Your Princess Is In Another Castle I once wrote that grief is like “the princess is in another castle” theme from … Continue Reading »»

Affirming the Humanity in the Midst of the World Vision Backlash

Update: On Wednesday, after I wrote this, World Vision reversed their decision. I am angry and confused – as I’m sure many of you are – but I still firmly believe in affirming the humanity.  When I read on Monday that the Christian humanitarian organization World Vision would no longer discriminate against employees in monogamous, legal same-sex marriages, I said “good for them” and then traipsed to the kitchen for some Honey Nut Cheerios. That I didn’t for one second consider the fact that this might ignite a colossal, raging backlash shows just how out of the loop I am … Continue Reading »»

On Clumsy Motherhood & Angels in Coffee Shops

You clamor in to the coffee shop, carrying your six-week-old baby in her infant car seat. It’s heavy, and you lose your balance as you struggle to open the door with your one free hand. Two men in suits look up from their table and watch. You’ll later learn not to carry your baby around in that cumbersome car seat. But you don’t know that yet. You’re a brand new mom. You’re carrying a diaper bag on your other shoulder and a novel is tucked under your arm. Your baby fusses as you wait in line to order your coffee. The … Continue Reading »»