What I’m Into: April 2014

It’s 90 degrees today, and I’m wearing shorts and drinking iced coffee. California has spoken – it’s summertime. April was a lovely month and I’m sad to see it go. Here’s a few highlights. What I’m reading: Found: A Story of Questions, Grace & Everyday Prayer, by Micha Boyett – I finally opened this one just a few days ago, after celebrating with Micha at her launch party in San Francisco the beginning of the month. Chapter One has already broke me. ”It’s a lovely thought, that God’s grace might extend even into my own prayerlessness, that God might take my … Continue Reading »»

Teaching Our Children to Love and Doubt

When I stumbled on Alissa BC’s blog not too long ago, it was like finding my own story packaged in beautiful prose. I didn’t know that there were other mothers out there wrestling with the same doubts and big questions as me. For the first time in months I really rested in the truth that I wasn’t alone. So when it came to picking our next installment in Loss and Parenting (the monthly series I’ve teamed up with Lauren Thompson for), I instantly thought of her. I hope you enjoy her beautiful and haunting truths.  – The summer my husband … Continue Reading »»

Demons are Everywhere! A look back on my fight in the spiritual realm

When I was Pentecostal, I saw demons everywhere. They wandered around my bedroom looking for ways to oppress me. They tempted me on the days I did not spend time reading the bible. They dwelled in homes of families in bondage to “generational sin”, and they used sex and alcohol to torment my friends. “There is a war waging in the spiritual realm, a realm that is more real than the one we can see,” my pastor used to say all the time. This was thrilling to me. I loved the idea of an invisible world, of angels and demons … Continue Reading »»

Church shopping at the wrong mall: A story of Easter Sundays. #FGJ2RW Part VII

I sometimes track my faith journey by Easter Sundays. Two Easters ago, my husband and I, as well as the growing baby inside me, were church shopping with an enthusiasm that would quickly wear off. It started out exciting. Google Maps showed hundreds of red dots when we searched the term “church”. Each red dot represented so much potential for friendships, belongingness, home. Easter snuck up on us that year, just four weeks into our church hunt. We were a little bruised from our experiences at the first three, but we were determined to try again. Springtime on the central … Continue Reading »»

When Empty Crosses Aren’t Enough: From Grape Juice To Red Wine Part VI

When writer Natalie Trust agreed to do a guest post for “From Grape Juice to Red Wine“, I did a happy dance in my kitchen. Natalie is just one of those salt-of-the-earth storytellers: honest, gracious, funny and dead-on. I know you’ll enjoy her piece today. If you do, keep a look out for the memoir she’s working on - Stranger in My Bed.  When Empty Crosses Aren’t Enough She had such a kind face; it was as if every laugh line crinkled joy into the atmosphere. If I had to pick one woman who demonstrated the love of Jesus in the most … Continue Reading »»