Always Asking Why

Today’s post in the From Grape Juice to Red Wine series is by Cara Strickland of Little Did She Know. I had the pleasure of meeting Cara in real life a few months ago and have since continued our friendship online. I find when I visit her space on the internet, I take a deep breath and let go of the tension in my shoulders. She is so real, comfortable and positive in her approach to life. Stop by her page; I think you’ll agree. /// When I was giving my senior presentation, talking about the collection of interconnected short … Continue Reading »»

My Husband is Not My Spiritual Leader

Here is a little timeline of my attitude toward the concept of husbands as spiritual leaders: Ten years ago: “I just really want a man who can be my spiritual leader. And I hope he plays the guitar.”  Eight years ago: “I broke up with him because I just can’t see him as my spiritual leader.”  Six years ago: “I’m marrying him because he is a wonderful spiritual leader.” Five years ago: “This marriage will never work if you don’t step up as my spiritual leader!” Four years ago: “This is all your fault. You were supposed to be my … Continue Reading »»

I am a bored mother.

I’ve been struggling lately, as a mother. Georgie is in such a wonderful and fun stage. She is walking, trying to say words, dancing, giggling, cuddling, picking flowers, squealing with delight, and reading books. I know these are special, sacred times. But I am bored. For those of you who are new around here, I resigned from my job as a reporter six months ago to stay home with Georgie. I don’t regret this decision, but sometimes I miss my old life. The other day I dragged Georgie to a peace march. TV news vans lined up on side streets … Continue Reading »»

Where Children Aren’t Distractions: From Grape Juice to Red Wine Part VIII

We snuck into padded seats in the back row of a dark, windowless sanctuary. I bounced my baby Georgie – then six months old – on my knee, relieved to have something to busy myself with while we waited for the service to begin. My husband helped us stealthily bypass the welcome table, where we would have been encouraged to wear stickers advertising our names. I hung my head as people around us embraced and made chitchat. A male usher wearing a crisp button down shirt approached us. “Hi there, the nursery is that direction,” he said, motioning to the … Continue Reading »»