That’s Good Enough For Today: Anxiety

Sometimes the anxiety comes and seizes me and I feel so small against it. Something little will trigger it, a worry about the future, a regret of the past, a disappointment in the present – and out of nowhere I’m having to practice Lamaze breathing in the middle of Starbucks. Once it descends, I can’t seem to shake it. I practice positive self-talk, exercise, smiling, talking through it, prayer, aromatherapy, and warm baths, all which offer varying degrees of relief. But the dull physical sensation doesn’t go away, sometimes for hours, sometimes for days. Some of you will know what … Continue Reading »»

When Your Faith Doesn’t Move Mountains

The gypsy had a layer of skin where eyes normally should go. He also had stringy hair with yellow flakes falling out, and a dirty unbuttoned white shirt. His home was made of cardboard, and his kitchen was a fire pit. The least we could do was heal his eyes. This was my second Teen Mania missions trip to Romania. We had pulled up in a charter bus to the gypsy encampment that morning to perform our evangelistic drama and see what else Jesus might do through us. We were nearing the end of our month-long trip, and we hadn’t … Continue Reading »»

Do you remember?

This one is for those who have fallen away from a charismatic faith. Do you remember the days? The days the Holy Spirit was an intimate force in your life that spoke to you. Sometimes it whispered for you to approach a stranger and bless them with a few dollars. Other times it quietly, but firmly asked you to turn off the TV and intercede for someone you know. The days the presence of Jesus felt so strong during worship, you could almost taste him. The days you saw breakthrough, or the release of spiritual bondage. The days you put … Continue Reading »»

Domesticating God

My friend Caris Adel is a gifted storyteller and I am so excited to share her words with you today for our series on From Grape Juice to Red Wine. I so relate to her journey of finding a God who is not contained to a book. Do you? Read the piece first and then let me know. Check out Caris’ blog if you have room in your life for a fierce woman writer who tackles the important issues of life and faith head on with enough grace to leave room for us to grow. I think her most challenging … Continue Reading »»

What I’m Into, May 2014

I’m sitting in a white adirondack chair on my front patio writing this, fragrant jasmine vines blooming around me. Life is good. Last month, I went to Hawaii for the first time, which was just about the coolest way to kick off the summer. Georgie became a little ocean girl in the week we were there, constantly begging to take another dip in the warm water. While in Maui, I read A Thousand Acres by Jane Smiley, which I kind of loved and hated. I loved the way the landscape played a role in the story, how the monotony of … Continue Reading »»