Anxiety and Post-Perfectionist Faith: My Interview with Heather Caliri

Today I’m over at Heather Caliri’s “One Woman’s Yes” series talking about anxiety: its causes, its relationship to fundamentalism, and pathways to healing. Heather typed up a lovely Q&A style blog post based on our conversation a few weeks ago. To tell you the truth, she asked me some pointed questions that made me nervous, and I wound up saying some things I’d probably never post on my own blog, what with that pesky, too-easy-to-hit Delete button available for me to take back my honest words. My old self was shouting “HERETIC! HERETIC!” the whole conversation. Which I’m pretty sure is … Continue Reading »»

Why I Left Pentecostalism

We were the “chosen ones,” the ones who lived in the “Secret Place of the Lord,” because we prayed in tongues and knew Jesus intimately. At the altar, our hands shook as heavenly visions came down on us. We fasted, we prayed for healings and breakthroughs and claimed powerful things in the name of God. We changed atmospheres, we demolished strongholds, and we fell to the floor by the wind of the Holy Spirit. “How could someone ever walk away after they’ve tasted the Spirit the way we have?” I asked my youth pastor one night. “It’s called backsliding,” he … Continue Reading »»