Parenting In the Midst of Faith Wandering

Today I’m excited to be writing for Unfundamentalist Parenting, a new collective Patheos blog curated by Cindy Brandt. I share my thoughts on raising kids in the midst of faith wandering, and  it might involve a story of how my toddler was recently evangelized by another toddler at the play-dough table. You could fill a library with all the resources for Christian parents who subscribe to traditional evangelical parenting styles. As for Christian parents who are looking for another way, there isn’t a lot out there for us. That’s why I was so excited when I discovered Cindy and the … Continue Reading »»

For Margot

My friend Margot lost her fight to breast cancer last weekend. We weren’t currently in touch, and I won’t claim we were best friends, but Margot was one of those souls who made an impact on people. I am no exception. The last time I heard from her was in December. The cancer was in remission, and she was hopeful and happy. She was going back to school. Then early last week, I noticed her friends and family on Facebook were tagging her in childhood photos with captions like, “We are sending you positive light; keep fighting.” Then a few … Continue Reading »»

On Celebrating Progress

  A couple weeks ago, I surveyed the backyard, notepad in hand. I had written a list of 27 things that needed to get done in and outside the house, and I was adding more. THERE’S SO MUCH WE HAVEN’T DONE. I felt myself getting angry. I have this vision of how I want our yard to look, but right now it’s all dead grass and overgrown hedges. 28. Trim Hedges 29. Replace Sod It feels like we’re constantly working, and for what? We have so far to go. This is the mood I’ve been in for the past six … Continue Reading »»