Confessions of an Internet Lurker: A Guest Post for Kelsey Munger

I’m happy to be featured on my friend Kelsey Munger’s blog this week for her series on Self Care. I stumbled on Kelsey’s blog a couple years ago and her writing instantly resonated with me. When she asked me to write for her Self Care series, I was in a blogging rut and at first said no. I’m so glad she encouraged me to start blogging again and gave me another chance to write for her. Thanks, Kelsey. /// There is something I’m embarrassed to admit to you. I waste a lot of time on the Internet, as I suspect you … Continue Reading »»

“I don’t know what I can believe in anymore”: A story of odd proposals, disillusionment, and letting go

I’ve spent my twenties wandering from and wrestling with the faith of my youth. It’s been a gradual movement in directions all over a muddled map–a slow, foggy journey. My storytelling brain wants to make sense of it all, to organize it in a clean narrative arch, to connect experience with meaning and meaning with experience. This is sometimes difficult to do. But there also are a few landmarks that glisten in the fog, landmarks that I can look back on and say that was it.  *** I’m sitting in my parked Honda Accord outside the baseball diamond at my … Continue Reading »»