On Celebrating Progress

  A couple weeks ago, I surveyed the backyard, notepad in hand. I had written a list of 27 things that needed to get done in and outside the house, and I was adding more. THERE’S SO MUCH WE HAVEN’T DONE. I felt myself getting angry. I have this vision of how I want our yard to look, but right now it’s all dead grass and overgrown hedges. 28. Trim Hedges 29. Replace Sod It feels like we’re constantly working, and for what? We have so far to go. This is the mood I’ve been in for the past six … Continue Reading »»

“I Need You To Believe Me”

I had to apologize for something this weekend, and I HATE apologizing. Probably not much more than you do, but maybe a tiny bit more. I really, really enjoy being right. Getting to say the words “I told you so” (or even more satisfying, implying the words with tone and a sigh) fill my heart with immense glee. But you know what? I’m a jerk sometimes*, probably not much more than you, but maybe a tiny bit more. I spent the weekend in a cabin outside Yosemite with my little family. Valentine’s weekend. It was a lovely time, and aside from … Continue Reading »»

Dear Artists, Today is Not the Day to Quit

A little more than two years ago, I began writing my first book. It started with a single Word doc titled “Book” that I’d type notes in on the weekends. I’ve wanted to write books since I was old enough to staple lined paper together. I’d fill those pages with stories about my stuffed cow and write BY CARLY ANN WHEELEHAN on the front. My parents did that thing where they told me I could be anything I wanted to be, which is a cool thing for parents to do for their little girls. The problem is, I don’t know … Continue Reading »»

Drinking Culture and Alcoholism

A photo posted by @cargelly on Nov 14, 2014 at 5:55pm PST I’ve been thinking about booze lately. I love wine. I’m not a wine expert and I don’t have expensive taste. But I love the way a full-bodied Cabernet dries the roof of my mouth and warms my throat going down. I love supporting my local wineries. I love wine paired with dark chocolate. I love how relaxed I feel after a glass. I love how happy I feel after two. A few weeks ago, I was walking with a couple friends after an improv workshop to grab a … Continue Reading »»

Surrender in the Garden

I’ve been gardening nonstop this spring, for reasons that are both known and unknown to me. I come to the garden as a student, and while I can’t entirely say why I’m there, I know it’s where I need to be. I am not educated in horticulture, but I come to the garden with lust of a young lover. I see a plant I want at a nursery, and my breath quickens. I swoon at its foliage, I drool for its flowers. It is young and and tender, but I can close my eyes and picture where it fits in my … Continue Reading »»