On Dad Discrimination and Equal Parenting

I would like to squash a stereotype with you today please. But first let me tell you a story. Last night, Joe got home from work at 6 p.m. Georgie greeted him at the door, excited to show him the new paints I bought her that morning. Joe ran to the bedroom to change out of his work clothes and into “play clothes,” and tried to sneak in a quick trip to the bathroom. Georgie would have none of this, and banged on the bathroom door, yelling at him to hurry up. She knows that when Dad gets home, it’s … Continue Reading »»

Ordinary Tuesdays

My life is very ordinary, and it’s at its most ordinary on Tuesdays. This morning, I woke Georgie up and got her out of her butterfly footie pajamas and out of her Mickey Mouse diaper and into a fresh Elmo diaper. She wanted to wear a skirt to play-care, I think because she finds skirts easier to pull on than pants. She picked a skirt with flowers on it and a shirt with hearts. I drove her the four blocks to her play-care, which smelled of fresh pancakes. She bounced away from me to play with her friends. I drove … Continue Reading »»

De(tales): Doughnut

I’ve long admired Cara Strickland’s De(tales) series, so I was more than happy to contribute to it this week. (You may remember Cara from her guest post awhile back, “Always Asking Why”) I’m telling a story over there about a moment I was ready to give up, and the small ways are saved every day. And doughnuts. Here’s a sneak peek, but head over to Cara’s page to see the rest: Standing over my daughter as she screams and flails around on the sidewalk outside the grocery store, I wonder if motherhood isn’t for me. “Please, Georgiana, just get in the … Continue Reading »»

I am a bored mother.

I’ve been struggling lately, as a mother. Georgie is in such a wonderful and fun stage. She is walking, trying to say words, dancing, giggling, cuddling, picking flowers, squealing with delight, and reading books. I know these are special, sacred times. But I am bored. For those of you who are new around here, I resigned from my job as a reporter six months ago to stay home with Georgie. I don’t regret this decision, but sometimes I miss my old life. The other day I dragged Georgie to a peace march. TV news vans lined up on side streets … Continue Reading »»

Where Children Aren’t Distractions: From Grape Juice to Red Wine Part VIII

We snuck into padded seats in the back row of a dark, windowless sanctuary. I bounced my baby Georgie – then six months old – on my knee, relieved to have something to busy myself with while we waited for the service to begin. My husband helped us stealthily bypass the welcome table, where we would have been encouraged to wear stickers advertising our names. I hung my head as people around us embraced and made chitchat. A male usher wearing a crisp button down shirt approached us. “Hi there, the nursery is that direction,” he said, motioning to the … Continue Reading »»