To Those Who Don’t Go To Church

Yesterday, I took my family to church for the first time in a year. I sprung it on Joe and Georgie in the morning after I enjoyed my last bite of the crispy pancakes they made me for breakfast. “Alright, get dressed. It’s Mother’s Day and we are going to church,” I said. Joe looked confused, but not upset. He showered, put on a collared shirt, and dressed Georgie in this billowy teal dress she usually refuses to wear. I heard him negotiating with her while I was putting on mascara. She got a bag of fruit snacks out of … Continue Reading »»

Hope and Friendship on the Slippery Slope

“Remember the revivals?” my friend Dee asks me. We are drinking iced coffee on a Sunday morning in the small town we met, the town of our fiery Pentecostal days. The last time I was at this coffee shop, I was a teenager, sipping a strawberry smoothie and listening to my youth pastor talk about how I need to Press In to God more consistently to see the release of miracles in my life. Everything has changed since then. Today, I have come to this coffee shop to unpack the damage of those Pressing In days. “Remember those scary camp … Continue Reading »»

Do you remember?

This one is for those who have fallen away from a charismatic faith. Do you remember the days? The days the Holy Spirit was an intimate force in your life that spoke to you. Sometimes it whispered for you to approach a stranger and bless them with a few dollars. Other times it quietly, but firmly asked you to turn off the TV and intercede for someone you know. The days the presence of Jesus felt so strong during worship, you could almost taste him. The days you saw breakthrough, or the release of spiritual bondage. The days you put … Continue Reading »»

Domesticating God

My friend Caris Adel is a gifted storyteller and I am so excited to share her words with you today for our series on From Grape Juice to Red Wine. I so relate to her journey of finding a God who is not contained to a book. Do you? Read the piece first and then let me know. Check out Caris’ blog if you have room in your life for a fierce woman writer who tackles the important issues of life and faith head on with enough grace to leave room for us to grow. I think her most challenging … Continue Reading »»

My Husband is Not My Spiritual Leader

Here is a little timeline of my attitude toward the concept of husbands as spiritual leaders: Ten years ago: “I just really want a man who can be my spiritual leader. And I hope he plays the guitar.”  Eight years ago: “I broke up with him because I just can’t see him as my spiritual leader.”  Six years ago: “I’m marrying him because he is a wonderful spiritual leader.” Five years ago: “This marriage will never work if you don’t step up as my spiritual leader!” Four years ago: “This is all your fault. You were supposed to be my … Continue Reading »»