For Margot

My friend Margot lost her fight to breast cancer last weekend. We weren’t currently in touch, and I won’t claim we were best friends, but Margot was one of those souls who made an impact on people. I am no exception. The last time I heard from her was in December. The cancer was in remission, and she was hopeful and happy. She was going back to school. Then early last week, I noticed her friends and family on Facebook were tagging her in childhood photos with captions like, “We are sending you positive light; keep fighting.” Then a few … Continue Reading »»

Dear Artists, Today is Not the Day to Quit

A little more than two years ago, I began writing my first book. It started with a single Word doc titled “Book” that I’d type notes in on the weekends. I’ve wanted to write books since I was old enough to staple lined paper together. I’d fill those pages with stories about my stuffed cow and write BY CARLY ANN WHEELEHAN on the front. My parents did that thing where they told me I could be anything I wanted to be, which is a cool thing for parents to do for their little girls. The problem is, I don’t know … Continue Reading »»

The miracle of friendship.

I’m thinking about friendship today. I don’t have any pretty words on the topic, because when I think about my friends, I am speechless. All I can get out is one of those guttural Anne Lamott prayers – “Wow.” Wow, God. My friends might on my mind more than usual today because I turn 28 on Sunday, and I am spending the weekend surrounded by the friends I’ve walked with in so many different stages of life. All of these decadent relationships built on trust and laughter and sharing all IN ONE PLACE. I can’t even process how amazing this … Continue Reading »»

Exciting News!

I’ve been marinating in a certain project for the last year. It’s drained me and excited me and stretched me and driven me crazy and made me feel dead and alive and bored and moved and mostly really really tired. The result is a draft of my first book. It’s called Backslidden and it’s a spiritual memoir about falling into–and away from–radical faith. When people ask what draft I’m on, I can’t really say. It’s not a first draft. It might be a second draft or a seventh draft. It’s been read and revised by my exhausted eyes too many … Continue Reading »»

What I’m Into, May 2014

I’m sitting in a white adirondack chair on my front patio writing this, fragrant jasmine vines blooming around me. Life is good. Last month, I went to Hawaii for the first time, which was just about the coolest way to kick off the summer. Georgie became a little ocean girl in the week we were there, constantly begging to take another dip in the warm water. While in Maui, I read A Thousand Acres by Jane Smiley, which I kind of loved and hated. I loved the way the landscape played a role in the story, how the monotony of … Continue Reading »»