Confessions of an Internet Lurker: A Guest Post for Kelsey Munger

I’m happy to be featured on my friend Kelsey Munger’s blog this week for her series on Self Care. I stumbled on Kelsey’s blog a couple years ago and her writing instantly resonated with me. When she asked me to write for her Self Care series, I was in a blogging rut and at first said no. I’m so glad she encouraged me to start blogging again and gave me another chance to write for her. Thanks, Kelsey. /// There is something I’m embarrassed to admit to you. I waste a lot of time on the Internet, as I suspect you … Continue Reading »»

“I don’t know what I can believe in anymore”: A story of odd proposals, disillusionment, and letting go

I’ve spent my twenties wandering from and wrestling with the faith of my youth. It’s been a gradual movement in directions all over a muddled map–a slow, foggy journey. My storytelling brain wants to make sense of it all, to organize it in a clean narrative arch, to connect experience with meaning and meaning with experience. This is sometimes difficult to do. But there also are a few landmarks that glisten in the fog, landmarks that I can look back on and say that was it.  *** I’m sitting in my parked Honda Accord outside the baseball diamond at my … Continue Reading »»

Parenting In the Midst of Faith Wandering

Today I’m excited to be writing for Unfundamentalist Parenting, a new collective Patheos blog curated by Cindy Brandt. I share my thoughts on raising kids in the midst of faith wandering, and  it might involve a story of how my toddler was recently evangelized by another toddler at the play-dough table. You could fill a library with all the resources for Christian parents who subscribe to traditional evangelical parenting styles. As for Christian parents who are looking for another way, there isn’t a lot out there for us. That’s why I was so excited when I discovered Cindy and the … Continue Reading »»

Magical Moments on a Park Swing, or Why My Memoir is a Coming-of-age Story

Do you remember adolescence? You remember the angst, probably. You remember the awkwardness, the unrequited love, the rage you felt toward your parents, the acne. But do you remember those crazy beautiful moments? How all it took to feel like you were at the edge of the world was the right song on the radio, your foot on the gas and your hand out the window? How all the powerlessness you felt day-to-day melted away and all of a sudden you felt like you could do anything? Remember how you’d read a poem, or watch a movie, and there’d be a … Continue Reading »»

Look out, it’s a pregnant lady who doesn’t hate her body!!! Part 1

About a month ago, I lay in bed, my bulged out eyes darting around my dark bedroom. Last time I checked the clock it was 3:30 a.m., and now birds were starting to chirp their morning songs. My husband’s alarm went off and he pressed snooze. I groaned, flipped over for the gazillionth time and punched the pillow under me. It was 5 a.m. and I hadn’t slept yet. For the second night in a row. I’m 23 weeks pregnant and I’ve had the most normal, healthy pregnancy. My baby girl is measuring big for her age but my ankles … Continue Reading »»