Burnt potatoes and lowered standards

Since Baby G and I celebrated our newfound freedom last week by going on a craft retreat vacation in Oregon, this is my first “normal” week of being a stay-at-home mom.

My take away today is that I’ve got to set some boundaries.

This is the first time in my adult life I haven’t worked outside the home, and I can already tell I’m going to need some direction to make this work.

Today, Baby G and [...] Continue Reading…

Nine wardrobe items I’m OK with never fitting into again.

A friend’s comment on Thursday’s post inspired me to go through my closet today and throw out anything from my pre-pregnancy wardrobe I know¬†I’ll never wear again. Perfect timing, with our upcoming move and all.

So I made myself a pot of coffee and got to it.

Five minutes later, my bed became a hazmat zone.


As I sorted through my clothes, the Serenity Prayer came to mind.
God, grant me the serenity to [...] Continue Reading…

Buying Snow White’s Cottage

Today we got to walk through our soon-to-be house. Inspections are over, so we’re just waiting out the rest of escrow. Gah, can’t wait!

“SOLD” – yes. I. am.


Yes, obviously I want to live in Snow White’s cottage, Mommy. The first of many portraits of Baby G outside our new nest.


Escrow is stressful, especially when you’re buying an 86-year-old home. Older houses have such [...] Continue Reading…

Home, at last

Baby G and I survived our sixth flight together. Someone is thrilled to be reunited with her dad.

A wonderful moment of daddy and daughter love.

We waited an hour for our bags at the airport and allowed Baby G to crawl around on the floor near baggage claim. A few people gave me disapproving looks but I was too tired to care. We made it! Craft Retreat was a success on [...] Continue Reading…

Scarily veering into the land of Mom Jeans

It took me about seven months to lose my pregnancy weight.

The last time I weighed myself (about a month ago), I was one pound under what I weighed before being pregnant. Wahoo!

So then, answer me this: Why can’t I wear my old jeans?

My theory is my biology is on to me now. Biology is like, ‘yeah, she pushed out one, she’ll push out more. Let’s do ourselves a favor and keep her hips wide [...] Continue Reading…