Seven tips for a creative retreat- a.k.a., an excuse to not wear makeup

Have you ever been on a craft retreat?

Baby G and I joined a few special women in Sunriver, Oregon, to immerse ourselves in crafting for a couple of days… something that I’ll call a craft retreat.

A craft retreat is when a group of creatives (or in my case, creative wanna-bes) get together, equipped with bags from Hobby Lobby, and work on their projects together, bouncing ideas off each other and keeping each other company.

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How to fly with a baby

Flying with a baby in tow is rough. Baby G endured her fifth flight today. She only kicked the passenger next to us 367 times. I apologized; he didn’t complain.

Really, she’s getting too big to hang out on my lap the whole time, but because I’m too cheap to buy her a seat, this is how plane trips go for us.

We nurse during take-off. Nursing (or any sucking/chewing) helps babies’ ears adjust to the [...] Continue Reading…

My first day as a stay-at-home mom

Today is my first day as a stay-at-home mom.

Early this morning, my first subconscious waking thoughts were about what I might wear to work today. Typical Monday morning thoughts. Would the baby sleep in long enough for me to sneak in the shower? What would I pack for lunch? What stories am I working on this week?

Then I realized, kind of momentously, that I’m not going to work today. I resigned weeks ago, had [...] Continue Reading…